Pierre Balmain was one of the outstanding figures of Parisian haute couture. He dressed exceptional women who left their mark of their era, including queens, princesses, movie stars and well names in the theatre.  Arab and Mandarin art in particular, which both feature oversize, stylized and realistic images of flowers and plants. The arabesque motif was the core of what inspired the creative genius that Pierre Balmain was.

1987, the design of timepieces had  to centre around the famous arabesque motif and the sense of elegance if the models to be worthy of these prestigious name. And thus, year after year, collection after collection, the dials with arabesque motif have always been at the heat of Montres Pierre Balmain’s creation.  It is our duty to perpetuate his name by maintaining his original inspiration, the arabesque motif and the sense elegance. We take the liberty of creating bold shapes and adapting cutting-edge watch making technology to continually surprise and seduce our customers through our regular new collections. In this way we in turn hope to pass on the torch of this incredible instigator of elegance and style.

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