Founded by Joseph Henriques and Hussain Kadhem, two enterprising and passionate guys who wanted to change the face of tennis throughout the Middle East..

While brainstorming for a catchy name for our business we realized that the catchiest initials for a tennis academy was in fact our very own initials JC. We didn’t think much about the initials until we learnt that JC’s is the most popular initials amongst celebrities from James Cagney to Jimmy Carter to Jimmy Choo and Jennifer Capriati, the list was endless. With such iconic initials we decided to theme our academies by calling ourselves the hard rock café’s of tennis, thus making JC’s the world’s first themed tennis academies and cafes.

JC’s Tennis Academies and Café’s will be a full service sporting complex situated at designated areas in Bahrain and beyond.

There are currently no other themed Tennis Academies with sports facilities like this in Bahrain, or indeed globally designed to seek out, train, nurture local, regional and potential world class tennis players to compete on the international circuit in a themed concept.

We look forward to welcoming you to JC’s,

Joseph Henriques, CEO and Co-Founder
Hussain Kadhem, MD and Co-Founder


Visit JC’s Tennis Academy Website.